by xanax tomboys

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recorded to tape and computer in 2014-2015.

tapes available at: cellardoortapes.bandcamp.com/album/xt3


released April 7, 2015

all songs by xanax tomboys except:
fine by i know who you are and you are nothing (ikwyaayan.bandcamp.com)

inspiration for i wanna die w/ you derived from "you (your fears)" by coma cinema.

thank you.



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xanax tomboys Bakersfield, California

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Track Name: fine
go back to sleep
go back to bed
stay off your feet
stay back instead

you'll be just fine
alone in bed
stay off your mind
stay home instead

you'll be just fine

he stays inside
he plays his game
he's in a dream
to stay the same

he'll be just fine
alone in bed
stay off your mind
stay home instead

he'll be just fine
Track Name: lovefucked
i am a baby
i am your friend
i am the one who's trying hard to keep it all in
i am a heartache
i am your heart
i am the man who lies to himself to keep us fucked up

i am a waveform
i am your grave
i am a solemn half-truth burned into a refrain
we are the matches
our love's the fire
we use the friction of our bodies to keep it alive
Track Name: i wanna die w/ you
i wanna grab your head and dig it into the bed
i wanna pull your hair until your back arches
i wanna slowly lift away all of the veils i keep upon myself
and i wanna die with you

i wanna fuck you out of spite and out of lust
i wanna fill my veins with pulsing, bitter drugs
i wanna hold you close while overdosing on the broken life we live
and i wanna die next to you

i wanna feel the blood run from your wrist to mine
i wanna let this inner darkness run free and wild
i wanna do everything that i can before i lose this life
and i wanna die with you
yes i wanna die with you
yes i wanna die with you
Track Name: her throne
when she sits on her throne
kiss her mouth when she's alone
gracious and disappointed
pretty and dark and dumb and grim
you told her all your secrets
whispered them into her lipstick
drowned your sorrows in her gin
and sank your heels into her grin

you glide your fingers upon her
let her do as she wants
you fuck her in the moonlight
wrap your arms around her tight
when she sits on your throne
you're dying and shying and alone
let her breath guide your own
let it chill you to your bones

Track Name: together
lie to me, shut me up forever
if we’re dead at least we’re dead together
tie my hands, never let me get any better
if we’re crazy at least we’re crazy together

together, together
together, together